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Welcome to the West Lothian Driving Instructors Association Website

Welcome to the online newsletter for all Driver Trainers (ADIs, PDIs, cars, motorbikes, lorries or coaches) who live or work in the West Lothian area. The function of the WLDIA (and therefore by extension this website) is to keep our members informed of:-

  • Feedback and information from the DSA staff at Bathgate DTC that affect us as instructors
  • Information and feedback from DISC and the DSA at a national level
  • Things happening in our working area that can affect us
  • Things happening in the driving instruction industry as a whole
  • Things happening in the motoring field in general
  • Our schedule of meetings and social event

If you are not a member and are unsure if it is worth your while, have a look at this link, and feel free to have a look around the site to see what we are up to and about.

West Lothian Driving Instructors Association home page

This page was most recently updated on 30/03/2012


The March meeting went ahead with a slightly disappointing attendance. The main part of the meeting was the formal adoption of the constitution, which is available through the "Essential Documents" navigator to the left. All members are asked to read this document if you were not at the meeting.  Minutes of the meeting are available here, or via the Document Archive link on the left.

It was decided to restructure the joining process by introducing a new one off joining fee PLUS the annual subscription, anyone who renews membership between the AGM and the next meeting (usually March) will not have to repay the joining fee, just the annual membership, however anyone who leaves it more than 3 months will have to rejoin and pay the one off fee. As this is a new thing we have agreed to grant an extra month to allow anyone who has not yet rejoined time to do so. By the end of March 2012 we were back at close to 80 members, from 55 at the March meeting.  

The next full meeting of the association is Monday June 4th at 7pm in Deans Community High School, Livingston. Any guest speakers and proposed agenda for this meeting will be detailed on this website soon.

Roadworks throughout Bathgate

The bridge at Bathgate Water is now reopened after many weeks of mayhem in the temporary one way street process.  The new traffic lights at the bottom of North Bridge Street) were causing a bit of havoc initially, but now that the line painting is complete this looks like it will settle down.  Hopefully this will be the end of serious problems. It appear that the new roundabout on Whitburn road, providing a third entrance to Wester Inch Village, is progressing well, and I would expect that to the the next significant road works in the town.

Training - Dyslexia

The Dyslexia Awareness training, run by Linda Kerr of Dyslexia Scotland was very successful. On Board Training we are now hosting a PDA (Professional Development Award) Level 8, HND in Working with Dyslexic People in the Work and Training Environments, the price of which will be £250 and it is scheduled to start in May 2012.  If you are interested in attending this please let Brian Smith or Ray Lynch know as soon as possible. Note, this will be run and assessed by East Kilbride college, so you will be able to use your ILA Scotland funding of £200 per year to pay for part of this course, meaning that it is effectively only £50 to you!! To find out about how to get an ILA Scotland grant towards your training follow the Funding for Training link in the main navigator.    

Dyslexia Scotland are compiling a directory of Driving Instructors who have had special educational needs training and we are working at doing the same for those with Autism Awareness Training, so hopefully your training will be worthwhile. 

Training - BTEC Level 4, Coaching in Driver Education

Brian Smith is also preparing to host the Tri-Coaching partnership when they bring their BTEC Level 4 Coaching in Driver Education course to Scotland. Be aware that Brian is not personally making any money on this course, simply he attended it himself last year, feels it is a worthwhile course and is bringing it to Scotland for our benefit. It is very encouraging to see that CPD Training is being brought to Scotland, rather than Scottish instructors being expected to travel to England with the often substantial additional costs of travel and accommodation to be found. Click this link to download the course information leaflet.

Training - GDE Matrix

DISC have provided us with a number of presentations provided by eDriving solutions. The first of these is on the GDE Matrix, one of the "buzzwords" that floats round in the trade press an awful lot these days, often linked with coaching and "Client Centred approaches". Ray Lynch is willing to deliver this presentation if enough people want to attend. There will be no charge for members to attend this presentation, non members will be £3.50. The date for this is Monday 16th April 2012 at 7pm and the venue will be Deans Community High School. Please let Ray Lynch know via text on 07711 336452 if you want to attend this, there are already about 15 people planning to attend

DSA publishes Driver Training Standards Document.

A new framework setting out the key competences expected of driving instructors and motorcycle trainers has been published by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). This can almost be interpreted as our "Job Description".

The National Driver/Rider Training Standardô sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding required to deliver driver and rider training programs for cars, light vans and motorcycles, both before and after a candidate has passed their†test.

The standard sets out what instructors need to be able to do, and the knowledge they need to have, in order to deliver effective learning that will help people to become and remain safe and responsible drivers. This covers areas such as devising effective lesson plans, understanding different learning styles and needs, and giving clear instructions and constructive feedback. The document builds on DSAís existing National Driving and Riding Standards that help to define safe and responsible driving and motorcycling.

The document can be found by following this link, or through the Document Archive link in the main navigator

Four Day Weather Forecast for Livingston area


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